420 cable channels with all movie channels and sports channels. Click here to sort numerically

The list below is sorted alphabetically:
71A&E 773A&E (HD) 12ABC - WVEC
712ABC - WVEC (HD) 30ABC Family 760ABC Family (HD)
59AMC 772AMC (HD) 80American Heroes Channel
128American Heroes Channel 770American Heroes Channel (HD) 49Animal Planet
729Animal Planet (HD) 154AWE 798AWE (HD)
857AXS TV (HD) 137BBC America 785BBC America (HD)
138BBC World News 792BBC World News (HD) 72BET
877BET (HD) 75bio. 123bio.
776bio. (HD) 18Bloomberg Television 133Bloomberg Television
786Bloomberg Television (HD) 90Boomerang 118Boomerang
192Bounce TV - WAVY 51Bravo 747Bravo (HD)
307BTN 807BTN (HD) 35Cartoon Network
759Cartoon Network (HD) 13CBS - WNCT 10CBS - WTKR
703CBS - WTKR (HD) 303CBS Sports Network 818CBS Sports Network (HD)
180Centric 554Cinemax - 5 StarMAX - East 539Cinemax - 5 StarMAX (HD) - East
552Cinemax - ActionMax - East 535Cinemax - ActionMAX (HD) - East 536Cinemax - ActionMAX (HD) - West
549Cinemax - East 557Cinemax - MAX Latino - East 545Cinemax - MAX Latino (HD) - East
551Cinemax - MoreMAX - East 533Cinemax - MoreMAX (HD) - East 534Cinemax - MoreMAX (HD) - West
555Cinemax - MovieMAX - East 541Cinemax - MovieMAX (HD) - East 556Cinemax - OuterMAX - East
543Cinemax - OuterMAX (HD) - East 553Cinemax - ThrillerMax - East 538Cinemax - ThrillerMAX (HD) - West
550Cinemax - West 531Cinemax (HD) - East 532Cinemax (HD) - West
165CLOO 47CMT 876CMT (HD)
183CMT Pure Country 58CNBC 789CNBC (HD)
60CNN 788CNN (HD) 136CNN Interational
21Comedy Central 767Comedy Central (HD) 153Cooking Channel
753Cooking Channel (HD) 56C-SPAN 20C-SPAN-2
131C-SPAN-2 331CSS Sports 814CSS Sports (HD)
707CW - WGNT (HD) 152Destination America 765Destination America (HD)
17Discovery Channel 779Discovery Channel (HD) 319Discovery Fit & Health
34Disney Channel 756Disney Channel (HD) 89Disney Jr
111Disney Jr 761Disney Junior (HD) 88Disney XD
117Disney XD 757Disney XD (HD) 151DIY Network
755DIY Network (HD) 37E! 744E! (HD)
198Educational Access 644Encore - East 645Encore - West
646Encore Action - East 633Encore Action (HD) - East 650Encore Black - East
639Encore Black (HD) - East 647Encore Classic - East 652Encore Español - East
651Encore Family - East 631Encore (HD) - East 632Encore (HD) - West
649Encore Suspense - East 648Encore Westerns - East 676EPIX - East
677EPIX - West 671EPIX (HD) - East 672EPIX (HD) - West
25ESPN 327ESPN 301ESPN Classic
215ESPN Deportes 325ESPN Goal Line/Buzzer Beater 816ESPN Goal Line/Buzzer Beater (HD)
808ESPN (HD) 26ESPN2 328ESPN2
302ESPNU 810ESPNU (HD) 36Esquire Network
745Esquire Network (HD) 100EWTN 189Explorer Channel - WUNC EX
106FamilyNet 865FamilyNet (HD) 304FCS Atlantic
305FCS Central 306FCS Pacific 602FLIX
44Food Network 751Food Network (HD) 2FOX - WVBT
702FOX - WVBT (HD) 19FOX Business Network 132FOX Business Network
793FOX Business Network (HD) 216FOX Deportes 40FOX News Channel
787FOX News Channel (HD) 42FOX Sports 1 826FOX Sports 1 (HD)
308FOX Sports 2 828FOX Sports 2 (HD) 32FOX Sports South
329FOX Sports South 811FOX Sports South (HD) 187Fuse
724Fuse (HD) 204Fusion 794Fusion (HD)
55FX 784FX (HD) 171FX Movie Channel
850FX Movie Channel (HD) 122FXX 840FXX (HD)
184GAC 878GAC (HD) 48Golf Channel
316Golf Channel 823Golf Channel (HD) 191Government Access
81GSN 144GSN 842GSN (HD)
79H2 124H2 796H2 (HD)
50Hallmark Channel 783Hallmark Channel (HD) 62Hallmark Movie Channel
167Hallmark Movie Channel 851Hallmark Movie Channel (HD) 92HBO - East
518HBO - East 519HBO - West 520HBO 2 - East
503HBO 2 (HD) - East 504HBO 2 (HD) - West 523HBO Comedy - East
509HBO Comedy (HD) - East 510HBO Comedy (HD) - West 522HBO Family - East
507HBO Family (HD) - East 508HBO Family (HD) - West 501HBO (HD) - East
502HBO (HD) - West 525HBO Latino - East 513HBO Latino (HD) - East
514HBO Latino (HD) - West 521HBO Signature - East 505HBO Signature (HD) - East
506HBO Signature (HD) - West 524HBO Zone - East 511HBO Zone (HD) - East
512HBO Zone (HD) - West 858HDNet Movies 38HGTV
68HLN 791HLN (HD) 8HSN
710HSN (HD) 91Hub Network 119Hub Network
726Hub Network (HD) 95IFC 170IFC
854IFC (HD) 704IND - WSKY (HD) 661IndiePlex
656IndiePlex (HD) 101Insp 866INSP (HD)
78Investigation Discovery 126Investigation Discovery 769Investigation Discovery (HD)
162Jewelry TV 23Lifetime 749Lifetime (HD)
168LMN 750LMN (HD) 174Logo
65MASN 66MASN 2 821MASN 2 (HD)
820MASN (HD) 323Mav TV 835Mav TV (HD)
320MLB Network 819MLB Network (HD) 663MoviePlex
658MoviePlex (HD) 24msnbc 790msnbc (HD)
98MTV 874MTV (HD) 181MTV Hits
178MTV Jams 177MTV2 879MTV2 (HD)
186mtvU 9MyTV - WTVZ 709MyTV - WTVZ (HD)
45National Geographic 762National Geographic (HD) 11NBC - WAVY
711NBC - WAVY (HD) 5NBC - WITN 41NBC Sports Network
317NBC Sports Network 825NBC Sports Network (HD) 16NFL Network
322NFL Network 822NFL Network (HD) 324NFL RedZone
824NFL RedZone (HD) 321NHL 84Nick Jr.
113Nick Jr. 728Nick Jr. (HD) 86Nick2
115Nick2 15Nickelodeon 758Nickelodeon (HD)
87Nicktoons 116Nicktoons 754Nicktoons (HD)
314Outdoor Channel 832Outdoor Channel (HD) 190Outer Banks TV
156Ovation 73OWN 127OWN
775OWN (HD) 52Oxygen 746Oxygen (HD)
873Palladia (HD) 706PBS - WUND (HD) 188PBS Kids - WUNC
102Pivot 869Pivot (HD) 6QVC
705QVC (HD) 173ReelzChannel 849ReelzChannel (HD)
332Regional Sports Extra Games 813Regional Sports Extra Games (HD) 662RetroPlex
657RetroPlex (HD) 77Science Channel 125Science Channel
768Science Channel (HD) 159ShopHQ 731ShopHQ (HD)
93Showtime - East 578Showtime - East 579Showtime - West
580Showtime 2 - East 563Showtime 2 (HD) - East 564Showtime 2 (HD) - West
582Showtime Beyond - East 567Showtime Beyond (HD) - East 583Showtime Extreme - East
569Showtime Extreme (HD) - East 570Showtime Extreme (HD) - West 561Showtime (HD) - East
562Showtime (HD) - West 585Showtime Next - East 573Showtime Next (HD) - East
581Showtime Showcase - East 565Showtime Showcase (HD) - East 566Showtime Showcase (HD) - West
584Showtime Women - East 571Showtime Women (HD) - East 105Smile of a Child
129Smithsonian 763Smithsonian (HD) 844Spike (HD)
54Spike TV 315Sportsman Channel 833Sportsman Channel (HD)
83Sprout 112Sprout 727Sprout (HD)
621Starz - East 622Starz - West 625Starz Cinema - East
612Starz Cinema (HD) - East 624Starz Comedy - East 610Starz Comedy (HD) - East
627Starz Edge - East 616Starz Edge (HD) - East 606Starz (HD) - East
607Starz (HD) - West 623Starz in Black - East 608Starz in Black (HD) - East
626Starz Kids & Family - East 614Starz Kids & Family (HD) - East 94SundanceTV
169SundanceTV 853SundanceTV (HD) 33Syfy
843Syfy (HD) 103TBN - Trinity Broadcasting 864TBN - Trinity Broadcasting (HD)
29TBS 780TBS (HD) 537TCinemax - hrillerMAX (HD) - East
67TCM 771TCM (HD) 85TeenNick
114TeenNick 312Tennis Channel 806Tennis Channel (HD)
104The Church Channel 598The Movie Channel - East 600The Movie Channel - West
591The Movie Channel (HD) - East 592The Movie Channel (HD) - West 599The Movie Channel Xtra - East
593The Movie Channel Xtra (HD) - East 594The Movie Channel Xtra (HD) - West 39TLC
748TLC (HD) 27TNT 781TNT (HD)
220Tr3s 28Travel Channel 764Travel Channel (HD)
43truTV 774truTV (HD) 99TV Guide Network
145TV Guide Network 733TV Guide Network (HD) 46TV Land
732TV Land (HD) 76TV One 155TV One
734TV One (HD) 202UniMás 720UniMás (HD)
777Universal (HD) 185Up 867UP (HD)
22USA Network 782USA Network (HD) 778Velocity (HD)
97VH1 182VH1 Classic 875VH1 (HD)
179VH1 Soul 74WE tv 163WE tv
739WE tv (HD) 57Weather Channel 797Weather Channel (HD)
313WFN 831WFN (HD) 7CW - WGNT
4IND - WSKY 3PBS - WUND 193ZUUS Country - WTVZ
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