Octagonal Table Bumper Pool Rules

Bumper pool is an obstacle billiards game, in which players must shoot balls around obstacles to bank them into a pocket. With a conveniently reversible table top, our octagonal bumper pool table can be used as a card or dining table too.

Game Set-Up

Bumper pool is played by two players or four players playing in teams of two. Each player/team chooses a set of colored balls, either five whites or five reds. One red ball has a white dot and one white ball has a red dot. The dotted ball must be pocketed first in the game. One player places two red balls on each side of the white pocket and the marked red ball in front of the white pocket. At the other end of the table, another player places two white balls on each side of the red pocket and the marked white ball in front of the red pocket.

Game Play

Each player must shoot his ball toward his pocket on the opposite side of the table. To begin the game, both players hit their respective marked balls at the same time, banking them off the side of the table towards their right. Players hit the ball directly in bumper pool, not with a cue ball as in regular pool. The first player to sink his ball in the pocket at the opposite end of the table continues his turn. If no player sinks his ball, both players return their marked balls to the starting point and shoot again. If both players sink balls, they each place one of their remaining balls in front of their pocket and take the second shot the same way. A player's turn continues until he fails to sink a ball.


The first player to pocket all five of her balls wins the game.


If a player accidentally pockets an opponent's ball, that ball remains pocketed. If a player accidentally pockets her own ball in the wrong pocket, or pockets a solid ball before the marked ball, the opponent may remove two of her balls from the table and pocket them. Shooting the last ball into the wrong pocket is an automatic loss. If a player knocks a ball off the table, the opponent may place the ball anywhere on the table. The opponent will often place the ball in the center of the bumpers because it is the most difficult place from which to make a shot.

Detailed Official Rules for Bumper Pool

  1. Individual play (2 Players) or team play (4 players - 2 per team)
  2. Each player or team selects their color balls (5 balls per side)
  3. Spot balls on each spot with the spotted cue balls in front of scoring holes. (Line up balls so that color balls will match scoring hole color at opposite end).
  4. Start Game - Each player shoots spotted cue ball at the same time towards opposite scoring hole. Shots must hit cushion on player's right side.
  5. Player coming closest to his scoring hole shoots first. If player makes his spotted cue ball, he will continue to shoot remaining balls until he misses scoring hole.
  6. Opponent then shoots and tries to score. Whenever no score is made, other player shoots. (See #1 in Technicalities and Penalties below),
  7. Player (or Team) sinking all their balls first wins.
Tips for Making You a Winner

  1. Player should always shoot at opponent's ball if opponent is in good scoring position. Knock him into area where scoring becomes difficult.
  2. Block opponent's scoring hole (if can) with your own ball so as to prevent scoring by opponent.
  3. Always leave one of your balls in position to hit opponent's ball.
Technicalities and Penalties

  1. Before shooting other balls, player must score his spotted ball.
  2. If player uses unmarked ball before scoring his spotted ball, all balls disturbed must be placed in original position.
  3. In event both players score their spotted balls on first shot, they shoot again using ball to the left of hole.
  4. If you hit your own ball off table, place it in center of bumpers at center of table, and opponent shoots next.
  5. If you hit an opponent's ball off table, replace it in original position, and place one of your balls in center of bumpers at center of table.
  6. If player scores opponent's ball it will count for his opponent.
  7. If player scores his own ball in opponent's scoring hole, his opponent can drop any 2 balls (by hand) for his score.
  8. If player scores any ball before his spotted ball, his opponent drops any of his own 2 balls (by hand) for his score.
  9. If player scores his last ball in opponent's scoring hole, he loses game.
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